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New videos for Hawaii Music Supply

Finished ukuleles and guitars

Here are a couple of ukuleles for some friends at Ukulele Underground, and a guitar from Cuban mahogany. Hope you enjoy!

Ukulele inlay and new custom purfling

Here are two ukuleles that I have really enjoyed building! The first is a spruced top and “Mother of curl” koa tenor and the...

A few new tenor ukuleles

Here are a few new custom tenor ukuleles that I just finished. I hope you enjoy!

New Cuban Mahogany Tenor ready for the spray booth

This uke will soon be coming up for sale. It is a very rare set of Mastergrade Cuban Mahogany, grown in Hawaii. The pictures...

A couple new tenors ukes and an all koa baritone.

Here are a few new ukes that just went out. I hope you enjoy!

New custom fretboard inlay : De Vine inlay

New vine inlay Here is the new fretboard vine inlay I have been working on! This is not an easy one to inlay… The...

Baritone ukuleles and inlay

This is one of the harder inlays I have had to do. The inlay itself wasn’t too bad, but inlaying into a thin white...

New custom ukuleles : tenors and baritones

Finally! The baritone ukulele is gaining popularity! This new batch of custom ukuleles will be made up of 2 baritones and 3 tenors. Here...

Two new tenor ukuleles

Here are the two latest Muse tenors to head out of the shop. This first tenor Is a beautiful dark set of koa that...