Baritone ukuleles and inlay

This is one of the harder inlays I have had to do. The inlay itself wasn’t too bad, but inlaying into a thin white spruce top when the inlay is made of veneer and filled with black glue…. Not a lot of fun.

This top already has the signature rosette inlayed as well, so the inlay had to been done very carefully to avoid starting from scratch. Here you can see the pocket cut in the spruce.

All of the pocket edges need to be very clean in a spruce top inlay. Bleeding can occur very easily.

Here is the first of 2 tests before I did the real inlay. The pieces of colored wood veneer are inlayed into the pocket.

Then the detail is cut in.

After the detail work is cut in, the inlay is filled with black epoxy or super glue. Here is the final inlay in the top. It will still get a little bit of clean up later.

Here are the koa necks for a few of the ukes in this batch.

Planing down the Signature inlay fretboard.

A Brazilian rosewood baritone with the signature fretboard inlay.

…and it’s koa neck.